A downloadable game

Game created for Brains Eden 2017 by Anglia Ruskin University's team "Crux."

At each house you will be presented with a child's name, age, picture, and 1-6 of the best or worst things they've done all year.  Give gifts to the good kids, and take the bad kids to work in your coal mines.

Have they been naughty or nice?  You decide.

Producer and Designer:  Emily Hobbs

Lead Programmer:  Blake Ratliff  - -  http://blakeratliff.co.uk/

Lead Designer and Programmer: Joshua Hompstead

3D Artist: Rhys Rose  - -  https://rhysrose.artstation.co...

2D Artist: Kat Bocherova

Install instructions

After unzipping the folder, ensure that the "Krampus Crusade_Data" folder is not renamed and is stored in the same directory as the exe file. If "Krampus Crusade.exe" is stored under C:\Program Files\Krampus Crusade\, then "Krampus Crusade_Data"should also be stored under C:\Program Files\Krampus Crusade\.

Again, do not rename the "Krampus Crusade_Data" folder or the game will not work.


Krampus Crusade.zip 27 MB


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Fun game goes by really fast and, a little hard to make choices quickly! Super fun though!

Thanks for checking out our game!  It's a bit buggy, but we're students and made this over the course of a weekend, so it's pretty exciting to see a gameplay video exists.  Merry Christmas to you buddy!


It's good even with the bugs! Can't wait to see if this turns into something more though! I would appreciate if you shared my let's play if you have social media!