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You play a trojan virus downloaded by an oblivious end user. Your mission is to skirt through their system, avoiding firewalls and antivirus along the way. Compromise everything from email accounts to government databases and compete with your friends (or yourself!) to reach the highest score.

Production and Design: Tony Fraser

Programming: Blake Ratliff

Programming and Design: Kain Foottit

Install instructions

After unzipping the folder, ensure that the Trojan_Data folder is not renamed and is stored in the same directory as the exe file. If Trojan.exe is stored under C:\Program Files\Trojan\, then Trojan_Data should also be stored under C:\Program Files\Trojan\.

Again, do not rename the Trojan_Data folder or the game will not work.


Trojan.zip 22 MB


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English version

The game is very well written an and is a great game to play needs some improvement but is a wonderful game at its current stage in development 

Scottish version


simple can understand

runs on potato pc

can download with scottish interwebs

60 FPS


nae enough scotland

nae haggis

needs mare scottish less cunt (english) 

to many thing brain cant understand

10/10 would play again